I’ll be honest guys, over the past few months, many foodies around me have mentioned Capital Delights over and over again. Today, however, my Sehri was sponsored by Capital Delights and I gotta say, I absolutely loved my Sehri thaali!
I’ll keep this short and interesting for you guys to easily make out if the sehri thaali by Capital Delights is worth the 500 pkr/- that they are charging their customers. YES IT IS! Everything from packaging to the taste and the serving proportion was spot on. The pictures here speak for themselves, do they not?
What the thaali basically has: Mughlai bhujiya, White karahi and Makhni handi. (You do have the option of adding up some nihari to the thaali tho!) These gravies were served with a desi ghee ka paratha (soft and separately edible!) and a cold (when delivered..) glass of meethi lasi!
The Mughlai bhujiya depicted a perfect blend of spices and the slight bitterness that our Pakistani taste buds are always craving for. Each bite took me back to my nanis house where bhujiya was always considered as a serious side dish for the family so if you’re tired of eating the bhujiya’s cooked at your home, call Capital delights and let them take care of all your bhujiya needs!
Makhni Handi – There aren’t many makhni handi’s which have a reasonable amount of oil in them and I’m usually put off by the boti’s dripping in litres of oil. But this makhni handi was *hands down* THE best handi I’ve had in a very long time. The chicken was tender to the core and it was unquestionably well cooked. Definite 5 stars to the dish!
White Karahi – By the time I got to the white karahi part, I had already gulped more than half of my sweet, cold, lovable lassi and my paratha was nearing its unfortunate end. But I’ll tell you this, white karahi’s are often taken as a form of karahi that is a little blander than the rest and this consequently, kills the herb loving tastes. However, thankfully, Capital Delights understands the need of adequate amount of yoghurt meddling with the spices and the taste was unbelievably yummy!
IMG_20180529_023425 (1)
Overall experience: 5 stars!
I’d rate the packaging and delivery services a good 8/10 and a solid 8.5/10 for the food!
Heads up guys, make sure you try out Capital Delights Sehri Thaali and leave your comments about their food here too because I’m sure there’s always room for some improvement!

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