All your “Guilty Pleasures” in one cup! ~

After the increasing craziness of sinfully sweet dessert jars (which I have yet to try!)  there came “Guilty pleasures” which is a dessert bar that makes live ice cream rolls that aren’t just freshly made but are also topped with few of the best ice-cream delicacies.

Well first, I’d like to congratulate Muhammad Rimmel, the worthy mastermind behind the launch of “Guilty Pleasures” in Islamabad. Every time a dessert bar opens up in Islamabad, long waiting lines are formed outside the joint simply because this beautiful city of ours doesn’t have a lot of options for those us who stick firmly to the concept of “meetha” after dinner. The case for “Guilty Pleasures” was no different than this and that is an achievement in itself. However, the real question is.

Will all these people who’re eagerly trying the first live ice cream of Islamabad be seen around the dessert bar again? goshi phone 3747

Since it was evident that the owner had been working since forever, I decided going too much into the details may not be the best of ideas. But yes, I did get a few basic questions answered with the time I had and of course, the strength that I was left with, in the time span of a counted and stop-watched, 50 minutes that I had to wait for my ice cream rolls. Although, I’ll be less lethal here and credit this long wait to the fact that “Guilty Pleasures” had only been open for a total of 9 days, as mentioned by the owner himself.


I asked him if he plans on expanding the dessert bar from more than just a take away stall kinda thing and I was told that one, yes he does plan on doing that and second, Guilty pleasures was initially to be opened on the fourth floor (The Centaurs food court) however, due to the unavailability of space in the food court, they had to settle the bar up, on the third floor next to Agha Noor instead.  But well, I sure hope there’d be a proper sitting place for all of us ice cream lovers to drool over one day.

Now I’ll tell you the truth. A good ice cream has to be milky and it has to have the right sum of sweetness in there too but, while some ice creams fulfil the above-mentioned criteria they lack some other aspects say, for instance, they are short on the creaminess that an ice cream has, HAS to have.

The eagerly awaited ice cream rolls by “Guilty Pleasures” somewhat tasted like frozen yoghurt to me. I say frozen yoghurt because the amount of condensed milk the ice cream rolls had was a touch too much. Yes, the ice cream was light and partially refreshing but hey! Ice creams have to be creamy yar. You should be able to take a spoonful for a bite, instead of encountering a brain freeze with the slightest contact made with the ice cream. So for those of you who’re counting days till you can bite on those ice cream rolls, be very prepared. You might not be fully satisfied with what you encounter.

That being said, even though the ice cream rolls aren’t exactly what live ice cream is supposed to be like in my opinion and are over condensed, all the more praises for the owner who not only trained the ice cream chef himself but also claims that he does in fact bake and cook himself too.

All things apart though, I have a question here. If it’s a dessert bar, why isn’t there any menu for the desserts? Why not just tagline it as “Guilty Pleasures – ice cream bar” instead, ni? I could see about three rows of puff pastries and cakes but if it’s a dessert bar, there ought to be more than just pastries and ice creams there.

Nevertheless, I wish all the very best to Rimmel and Guilty Pleasures alike, and let’s hope I find something worth dying for the next time I plan on waiting for almost.. ever.


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