Imagine waking up at 9 am only to find out that you have an empty fridge. Nightmare, right?

Recently, I had the pleasure of ending my nightmares of empty fridges and 9 am breakfast cereals at the exquisite, Marco Polo Pearl Continental Rawalpindi…

I tried a fair amount of dishes and believe me, I wasn’t disappointed at all. Of course, there’s always a room for improvement but let’s just say for now that everything was spectacularly satisfying for my morning taste buds. Scroll down if you wanna skip the critical discussions and read about food and food only. If not? Keep reading!

For me, cleanliness is the key to all successful restaurants and if the area isn’t clean? Well, it’s not worth eating at. RETREAT, because… Why would you want to spend your evening/day at a place which doesn’t even give away the oh so desired breakfast at tiffany’s feels?

So if you haven’t guessed already, I go weirdly crazy for places where the floors aren’t reflecting my face, the tables aren’t properly set and the waiters aren’t wearing clothes which are spick and span. Wait I forgot cutlery… YES. CLEAN CUTLERY IS A MUST TOO. Thankfully, my table was situated right next to the glistening swimming pool so everything looked just perfect. The tables were clean and the plates were white as new which if I may add is an art in itself.

I had the opportunity of conversing with two amazing, amazing chefs who created everything with all the love and care. Making food doesn’t come easy for you unless you’re a “desi bahu” at home. For a true chef, the food speaks for their mental state and all emotions are poured out into each part of the dish. The final product is simply the chef’s heart in a plate. On the other hand, sometimes the chef goes under pressure and the best dishes turns into the worst. There is indeed a fine line between the two when it comes to accomplishing perfection.

PC ka koi restaurant ho and it’s not celebrated by everyone? That’s impossible! To be very honest, the very idea of eating at a five-star hotel usually comes forward as a leap of faith that one takes. IF it were up to me and I had to decide if I would be going to Marco Polo’s breakfast buffet I think I might consider the thought for a good few minutes. The reason is plain and simple, food isn’t the only priority in these top-notch places and at times, it shows.

The ambience was perfect for breakfast because I could see people staring at their plates and thinking to themselves, “why do we have to wake up every day?” However, I would suggest that they put up some light lobby kind music to wake the sleepy souls up. zra mood build up krna chaheyay yar..

Here’s my personal take on everything I soulfully tossed down at the breakfast buffet at Marco Polo Pearl Continental Rawalpindi.

Started off with some amazing French toasts topped with a dense layer of maple syrup that I just couldn’t wait to eat and well, my enthusiasm can be reflected through the fact that I forgot to take a picture of it. LOL. Anyways, next in line were these waffles, which I gather were only incorporated into the breakfast menu recently. Well, I gotta say it wasn’t that bad of an idea.


WAFFLES (paired it with maple syrup and a hot cup of Americano!)

The texture that it had, somehow the moment I’d cut out a bite, it would start crumbling apart. Moreover, it was way too eggy. Waffles are made out of eggs and I understand that the vanilla scent remedy cannot be applied to this. But waffles need to be softer and must never ever ever give away the classic egg smell. I say I was a little disappointed but hey! We all have are plunges and maybe this was just it right?



                                                                                          22635316_1872592619448398_1546747308_n.jpg  HALF POACHED EGGS

Poached eggs made to perfection? It’s a sight I have literally spent my entire life for. When I asked the honourable chef for half poached eggs instead of full, I was expecting a weird looking, slightly dead, floating in water kinda egg but I LOVED IT! If you’re one of those people who prefer things being cooked to perfection? Marco Polo’s half poached eggs can definitely act up as your entre!



GRILLED CHICKEN (Served with Mashed Potatoes)

Looks tempting eh? The presentation was worth the wait too! I asked the chef to feed me something he would definitely want people to try out and while I imagined a desi plate of pooris and channay, grilled chicken is what I was served. Frankly, chicken at 9 in the morning isn’t exactly breakfast but oh well!

The mashed potatoes were VERY well made. Properly mashed, I could taste the buttery feels of it and it literally slipped through my mouth. I loved them. The grilled chicken, on the other hand, was an average piece of chicken which was a bit overcooked and it took me a few seconds to understand the force it would require cutting through it but I have to say, it was well marinated. Which gives me the idea that the overcooking part was a mere mistake. But then again.. a mistake made once can leave a bad impression right?


I had fresh pineapple juice after this and it was a good mixture of sweet and sour, perfect for a morning splash. Given the fact that there are always some things that you can gobble up, I ended my foodilicious experience with this colourful plate.

From right to left: Goat cheese, cheddar cheese, sautéed/spiced vegetables, hash browns and hunter beef)

At first, I was unaware of the fact that what I’m munching on is goat cheese so when I took a bite I started thinking to myself “oops! That’s tangy and definitely rotten. Thankfully, the chef was there to guide me through. The rest.. well I still have the taste in my mouth and I’m definitely going for these again. However, the hunter beef wouldn’t come off as easily sliceable so that was major a turn off to an amazing experience!


I was allowed a round of the kitchen’s inside and I will be talking about them too but for now? Let’s wrap this up and keep our fingers crossed for I am going to write up more and guide you on whether PC’s renowned Marco Polo is living up to its standards or not! Cheers!



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