5 ways for you to cut potatoes!

Now, we ALL love potatoes. And there are a lot of ways we can eat them and for eating, you obviously need to know the way they are to be cut. Whether you’re making a bowl of french fries or you want to have grilled potatoes as a side to your roasted chicken, you need to know how to cut and peel the potatoes! I know it’s easier to say gol gol kat lo ya lmbay kat lo. But these ways I’ve listed below will help you understand what potato cut, fits where. 

Method # 1 – Going Round!

You cut the slices round, from top to the bottom, sideways. Typically, this cut is used for when you’re cutting potatoes for potato salad or for potato chips which you make at home. 

Here’s how you cut it:

  • Place the potato in front of you, sideways.
  • Peel off the skin.
  • Hold the potato from one end and start cutting from the top to the bottom. 
  • The end result, should be thin round slices of your potato. 

*Make sure the slices are finely cut and avoid thick cutting. 

Method # 2 – Cube it up!

This type of cutting is best for when you’re creating some soups or stews or hash-browns.

  • Place the potato on the cutting board with one end towards you. 
  • Slice the potato from four sides in a way that the potato is left in a triangle. 
  • Slice the potatoes length wise to the desired thickness
  • Slice the potatoes width wise now, again to the desired thickness. Rotate them in a way that you can cross cut them and once done, cubes are formed. 

Method # 3 – Wedges 

Wedges are served best with steaks and are also perfect for potato nachos. 

  • Place the potato lengthwise on the cutting board, with one end parallel to you. 
  • Keep the potato skin on this time.
  • Cut each half lengthwise with an approximate cuts of about 3 wedges per half or four if the potato is big in size or you’d prefer smaller wedges. (Wedges are supposed to be thick though so I’d suggest three..) 

**Bake or roast the wedges until tender.  

Method # 4 – Julienne Cut

 Let’s just let go of the desi french fries making techniques now, shall we? Julienne cut is the right way to cut your potatoes for french fries.. seriously. Also, if you need to add potatoes in this cut to the savoury dishes like chicken and vegetable then, you increase the cut size by 3/4 of an inch. 

  • Cut the potato from both ends turning it into a cube.
  • Once done, cut the potato cube into thick planks. 
  • Cur those planks lengthwise again. Into strips that aren’t thick at all. lekn bilkul mari wi bhi na hon. Point being, they should be like match sticks, firm yet thin.

Method # 5 – Hasselback

This cut is the simplest one because it requires for you to not peel the potato skin off or to even put in much efforts to the cutting part either. However, this cutting technique is only suitable for baked or roasted potatoes. 

  • Just place the potato in front of you, width wise this time. 
  • Cut the potato from top to the bottom. However, you don’t have to fully slice the potato to the bottom, let one side of the potato slice stay attached to the bottom. 
  • The length of each cut that you place on the potato has to stay thick though, about 3/4 of an inch. 

***Drizzle with olive oil and back or roast until the potato fans open. 


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