5 places in Islamabad for you to celebrate birthdays like never before!

Ever since, the all famous hot spot (F7) has banned birthdays in their outdoors, the Islamabadis literally have no other place to go to! Even though many of us I am sure, do manage to squeeze in the cake cutting at hot spot one way or the other with our very sugar quoted dialogues, “It’ll just take a minute” and “Bus do minute de den uncle”, the charm of the birthday bash still gets a little sloppy. 

After risking many many birthday surprises, wondering what the prime place could be for THE best surprise, I’ve finally gathered the five places I think are by far, the ideal ones for you to enjoy your own, or your friends birthday. Read below to know more! 

1- Street 1 cafe

Street 1 cafe is located at f-6 near to Tuscany and I for one love street 1 for their breakfast and of course their scrumptious deserts. All you need to do to get the proper birthday arrangements is to firstly, book their private area. Once that is done, tell them what colours you want there and what sort of a theme you want the decorations to reflect. The rest is up to them! However, if you want to add in a few things of your own, be sure to let them know before hand as well.

2- House Retro 

Even though, it is not situated entirely in Islamabad, House retro makes birthdays special in a way you would not mind travelling an extra mile. The best thing is, they put their heart and soul in the decorations and the management is pretty helpful too. Be it a Disney themed party or one of those rock star birthdays, House retro will never disappoint you.
By the way, House retro does cater to bridal showers and farewells as well!

3- Yogi Haus

Located at Shakarparian Islamabad, Yogi Haus is another one of the best birthday places that you could turn your faces towards. For those of you who don’t know, Yogi Haus was opened up a while back and is already famous for its amazing location and setting. There’s a private room in their that can be used in case the outdoors doesn’t work for you. The decorations they put on could take a little more effort but if you are one of those people who like helping themselves to all the decor, it is the right place for you. But then again, be very aware because right now? their service moves at a turtles speed.

4- Howdy 

Howdy is a place everyone knows and has been too. There’s something the atmosphere that Howdy has that makes everyone want to come back. This new years the celebrations that Howdy had to offer were remarkably appreciable. The music was right and the party favours were well catered to as well. Impressed by that, giving howdy a chance to prove their stance was a must. And I have to say, I was not disappointed at all. The ambience took me off guard and the decor was perfectly set up as well! 

5- Atrio Cafe and Grill 

Islamabad is all about views isn’t it? The picture perfect Margalla hills and the never ending roads often speak for the beauty of the city themselves. And if you find the idea of going all the way up to Monal or Pir-Sohawa, you could always settle for a not so hilly high Atrio. The place offers you a perfect view from the roof top, beautiful flower arrangements all over the decorated area, a whole lotta balloons and much more. 

If there is a place you think should be on the list, feel free to write it down. and Good luck of course, because arranging birthdays has never been an easy task! 


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