In conversation with the Owner of Lahore Tikka (Special Edition)

Back when there weren’t many restaurants here in Islamabad. “Dainty fast food” had a big name in the food chains of Islamabad and I was one of those loyal customers who was always, always found in there. Right in front of Dainty was a tikka shop with a few tables and chairs laid out properly. That shop.. was Lahore Tikka. So, while I was gulping my burger down, my ma and ba would be found on one of the tables present in front of the tikka shop munching on tikkas and malai botis.

Lahore Tikka was started by the rightful owner back in 1996 and praising the food that is served there would not be wrong at all! Not only has their food tasted amazing from always, the quality stays at the same level throughout the years as well. And just by the way, when you do visit Lahore Tikka at F8 Islamabad, do try the spicy fish and a plate of malai boti. I promise it would leave you licking your fingers for a good five minutes down!

Anywayssss… what you’ll read here is a little conversation that I had with the owner yesterday and I would appreciate it if you could restrict your comments about the owner or the conversation likewise.


What was your motivation behind “Lahore Tikka”?

Do you want to know the truth? Nothing. It was a need to be honest. Majburi main khola tha. And I dont think there is a need for me to lie about this.

That’s great to hear but were you always involved in cooking and kitchen work?

No. Not really. It was the day of my Barat and I remember my Ami feeding me food with her own two hands. Never was fond of Cooking. But when I got married.. my in laws used to eat a lot. I wanted to learn cooking after my marriage or wo seekhna mujhe yahan tk le aya. 

So did you train the chef yourself? Or were they trained by someone else? 

No. I trained the chef myself and I do the major things myself too. Like every day, I make and create all the masalas for the next day and then send them to the restaurant kitchen.

What do you think is the best dish at Lahore Tikka according to you?

I think those who are eating here can guide you better at this but if you ask me, the fried Fish is pretty tasty.

What about seasonal food? Are you in favor of introducing seasonal deserts? Jese sardian arhy hain tou gajar ka halwa ajaye menu main..

Nhi.Wo tou her jaga se mil jata hay. Why would people eat that from over here? They don’t prefer eating anything other than our specialty in desserts: Our famous firni. Log ni khatay, they always go for our firni no matter what.

Your business is going really well. Have you ever thought of expanding it or do you want to keep it at one place only?

We did start another one here. We lent it to a man but it didn’t work well. He could not manage the restaurant properly and I can’t handle two places at once. We were also offered a place at Bahria Town but the youngsters aren’t really attracted towards desi food so we stuck to keeping it here.

Thank you for your time!

You’re welcome.

**I thank the owner for sparing a few minutes to talk to me about the ever famous Lahori Tikka! 


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