Very Very Nandos..


Close your eyes and picture a warm medium-rare piece of chicken.  Can you see it sizzling in front of your eyes? Does it make your tummy churn in an ultimate desire of finding out how it tastes? (Don’t answer me.. I know it rather does!) Now imagine the aroma that is generated. The whiff of smoke with a hint of garnished black pepper. “TRINGGG!” a waiter is called for service; he embraces the dish that has been decorated with the scrumptious piece of chicken, places it carefully in the middle of the impressive black throne that the king deserves and holds it with pride. You can feel your mouth watering, your taste buds fighting the urge of taking a bite of the sexiest piece of chicken ever.  The waiter cautiously makes his way through the fleeting glances of customers surrounding the mighty lord.

You get a better view of the chicken modeling between the crowds; your heart is filled with a sudden satisfaction: that shiny white plate is coming your way!

Now ask yourself: Are you ready to put an end to your craving?  If yes then I’ve got the perfect place for you to dine out tonight! If you love a grilled piece of delicious chicken then Nandos Islamabad is the right eatery for you. Believe me when I say that the chefs at Nandos really really really know how to cook. It’s like you finally get value for money in our over-priced, over-rated city: Islamabad. The four kinds of sauces!

Last time I went to Nandos, I couldn’t help but eat a little more then I should have. I can taste their sauces when I think of the restaurant and the cherry on top for me is the free refill that you get there. (Cool right!?) The Nandos series started from one of the oldest cities Karachi, came to the “dil walon ka shehr” Lahore and then finally to the city of wanna-be angrezi people, Islamabad.

They’ve got deals for individuals and families and what’s more is.. you get to pick a FREE side too! Hot, crispy potato wedges and carefully seasoned rice bowls will call out your name again and again if you know what I mean, till you treat yourself with THE Nandos peri peri chicken dish.

On a serious note tho, Nandos is all about chicken and so, all chicken lovers must. I repeat. MUST visit this exquisite restaurant.  So, ladies and gentlemen, it is my humble request that you take time off your busy schedules and dine in at one of the best restaurants in town. I being a lover of the peri peri chicken give Nandos the score of 6.5 out of a total score of 10.

I understand your reaction to the score. But If I may add, the atmosphere at Nandos is not very “fine”. There are all sorts of smells in the air.. chicken, sauces, dirty laundry, fresh veggies and even a dead mouse! Pehle.. like in the past.. it WAS actually perfecto! But now, I don’t know what’s wrong with the management.

Apart from the atmosphere issue that I’ve mentioned do try Nandos because if you’re a foodie who loves trying new places you already know where to go..

Do leave a suggestion in the comment box!
Bon appetite!


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